A passion for cars, motorcycles and anything mechanical that is superbly crafted, along with a family in the art business, left Shane with an undying respect and love for anything which stands out from the landscape.

It is this deep passion for art along with American Outlaw culture that gives Shane's photography the kind of beauty that may be a touch unrefined but is always uniquely dangerous.

-Shane's work has been seen in:

Maxim Magazine

Malibu Magazine

75ive Magazine(Premier Issue)

Steppin' Out Magazine(Cover)

Easy Rider Magazine(Cover)

Desirable Magazine(Issue #8 Cover, Issue #9 & #10)

Outlaw Biker Magazine(Cover)

W25 Magazine

MODO Magazine

En Vie Magazine

I'M Image Magazine

Essere Magazine

Solis Magazine

Like a Lion Magazine

Ellements Magazine

The Boxing Hall Of Fame

-Clients Include

Civilianaire Jeans

Schaeffers Garment Hotel

Biltwell Inc

Suzanne Delaurentiis Productions

The Charlie Hotel

The Actors Advantage

Boot Star

Freddie Roach/Wild Card Boxing Club

The Rainbow Bar and Grill

Ari Soffer